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History of Company

In business and in life one evolves. Our business started by selling Antiques and Fine Art and specialized in early works of art from19th century to midcentury. Over the years, we handled several estate sales for individuals and thought there had to be a better way – Estate Valet was born as an alternative for people downsizing, moving and family estates.

Most estate sale companies sell everything in your house from your home, while some estate sale companies will sell everything online starting at a $1.00 an item. We have a different approach. We bring all saleable items to our Estate Valet Gallery which gives you the freedom of staying in your home or getting your house ready for sale, or to just staying put.  We also have an option to sell all of your saleable items at auction online worldwide.

John Rowe, Our Founder

Founder, John Rowe a United States Army Veteran and avid antique & art collector has been collecting antiques and artworks while traveling around the globe for as long as he can remember. Growing up in the family travel business, Rowe has traveled to over 25 countries and has visited nearly every state, and along the way has managed to find some unique one of a kind items and has made some invaluable contacts in the world of art & antiques. Owner of Circa 1800 Fine Gallery and Early Texas Paintings, John knows a thing or two about art and the business of art.

John at the Gage